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PRE-RECORDED SEJ Be Depression Free Process (BDF)

  • 26Weeks
  • 7Steps


FREE ACCESS TO TRAINING AND LIVE WORKSHOPS FOR 26 WEEKS! This online event allows you to study at your own pace in your own place. Mary teaches each of the 7 lessons which include 6 pre-recorded lessons, and the final lesson is a live SEJ Practice Workshop. There is also an introductory lesson where Mary shares with you her depression journey. The practice workshop gives you the opportunity to ask Mary questions and obtain any practice corrections. With this training you will find out how Mary became depression free (for over 25 years now), when she questioned what the ‘experts’ told her, and why she is so passionate to share this secret with those ready to hear. The secrets she learnt have been formulated into what is now known as the Self Empowerment Journey (SEJ) Process. She is offering a Self Empowerment process that is not just for those diagnosed with depression. It’s also for those who wish to stay 'mentally healthy'. For those who: 1. Suffer with negative thinking, a busy mind, fearful thoughts, and painful emotions. 2. Suffer with depression, looking to become Depression Free. The event includes a FREE 6 month membership package which includes: 1- Unlimited access to pre-recorded training 2- Unlimited access to live weekly SEJ Practice Workshops 3-Join the Facebook community and interact with others The SEJ Process works 100% of the time when practiced. So, we offer a money back guarantee. See terms and conditions on our website home page.





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