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The Self Empowerment Journey (SEJ) Process is an innovative CPD accredited training backed by research. 

The Self Empowerment Journey (SEJ) is a simple and easy to use 4 step process of self-enquiry, which once learnt can be applied anywhere, anytime, within moments. Giving you the tools required to become your own therapist and reach your highest potential.


Whether you have issues with your physical or mental health, relationships, financial worries, career, or lacking purpose and direction this simple process of Self Empowerment will enable you to create lasting change and empower all areas of your life.


If you are ready to change your life and become Self Empowered you can start immediately with our on-demand training where you can learn at your own pace. You will also be able to pay in installments and receive free membership for 12 months with ongoing support from our SEJ experts and live weekly events with Mary. 

The SEJ Process when practiced works 100% of the time therefore, we are so confident you'll benefit from learning the SEJ Process we are also giving you a money back guarantee. See terms and conditions.

SEJ Process


The SEP provides a very simple energy process that can be practiced independent of or in addition to the SEJ Process.  The SEP brings awareness of the birth, death, re-birth cycle and your karmic patterns which affect your daily life and the ability to reach your full potential.


This training is for anyone that has a relationship with another person / child, in essence everyone for it is primarily through our relationships that we experience our karmic patterns. It is especially useful to parents and carers in dissolving the unconscious behaviours passed onto their children.


Although the process positively impacts our relationships with others enhancing our ability to draw the best out of them, there is no actual communication or consultation with another as all the 'work' is an internal quest for the practitioner alone.

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